Nadja Haldimann | About Me
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Being a creative catalyst and connector brings me joy, and I love to witness those magical moments when my clients see their vision manifest into reality.

As a strong team leader, communicator and hands on designer, I work with a variety of clients from startup founders and C-level executives to individuals. I love influencing others, and have found my greatest pleasure in teaching creative thinking and user centered design to teams.

I am constantly on the lookout for new and innovative opportunities to connect, inspire, mentor and co-create with others so that together we can design the world we dream of into existence.


I try to spend as much time as possible in nature. As I tune into its intelligence and flawless beauty, I become its student and learn about its incredibly sophisticated designs. Nature is my primary source of inspiration. I am obsessed with taking pictures of patterns in nature, I draw on rocks that I find on beaches and I study design patterns from nature which I then bring back into my professional design practice. I recharge my creative batteries on hikes in the forest, I play with fire, wind, water and earth. I listen to the sound of birds and tune into the scents of plants. Whenever the city tries to dim my creative spark I know that even just a few hours in nature will get me back on track.


When I hear music and close my eyes, I am able to see light based colors and shapes that let me interact with them through motion. Some people think that I might have what the science community refers to as Synesthesia. A condition that happens when two or more senses cross; in my case vision, sound and movement. For years I tried to explain to people how I perceive the world, but was mostly told that I simply had a wild imagination. To me it’s an invaluable source of inspiration from which I draw for all of my creative expressions.


I deeply connect with animals of all kinds and as far as I can think back, I have always been drawn to them. At the age of 4 my parents introduced an adorable dachshund puppy to our family and from the moment we met until his last breath, I knew that dog is my medicine. The gentle loyal unconditional love I received from him got me through some my happiest and some of my toughest times of childhood and my teenage years. Over the years I have rescued many dogs and I am writing this note with my sweet little Elmo sitting on my lap. It is my deepest wish for all animals in this world to be protected and treated with respect.


I have fond childhood memories spending hours and hours looking through my dad’s microscope. In residency, he put together a vast collection of plant and animal specimens that he neatly colored with red dye, labeled and organized in leather bound boxes. Whether looking through a microscope or out the window in an airplane, certain patterns repeat themselves in nature and at both the micro and macro scale. These patterns which probably got hard-coaded into my young brain are the foundation of my abstract visual art.

The picture on the right was taken by my dad during my last visit to Switzerland as he once again showed me his magical miniature worlds with the same exact microscope that I used as a child.