Nadja Haldimann | A Year in Flowers
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A Year in Flowers

About This Project

Everything about nature is perfect, no matter how large or small is may be. It is very easy to walk by the beauty of nature and miss it’s amazing perfection. Over the course of a year I decided to literally “Stop and small the flowers” as I walked around my neighborhood. Every time I walked by a flower, I decided to take a picture using my iPhone. I started the project in summer when the most spectacular flowers showed themselves, but to my surprise, over the course of a year I discovered that nature blesses us with flower even in winter. The size of the flowers change by season. The largest flowers bloom in spring and summer, in fall they get smaller and in winter they are tiny, but as I trained my eye to discover flowers, I was able to see even the tyinyest of them as the temperatures dropped and the daylight became sparse.


You can see the entire collection in my Instagram feed:



February 23, 2016

Experiments, Nature