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Using my extensive experience as a creative professional, creative catalyst and team leader, I developed workshops for professionals and individuals. My workshops help people gain confidence in their creativity, improve their people-skills and learn how to share their gifts and talents with the rest of the world. The modules of these workshops are inspired by nature, social archetypes, creative practices and life itself.

Visit the Workshops tab to learn more about my current offerings.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”

— Kurt Vonnegut


I consult with founders, co-founders, CEOs, CTOs and entrepreneurs of tech startups and fortune 500 companies to help bring their visions alive. In most cases, I start working with my clients when their product is just an idea, before the design has been created and the code has been written. I have the proven skills and experience to lead any client from vision through a lean user centered interaction design process to final visual design and branding. For me it’s all about teamwork, and I consider myself part of a team while we work together and well beyond that as I often interview design candidates to help my clients build a strong in-house design team.


Over the past two decades I worked on a variety of projects including Branding, Visual Design, User Interface Design (UX Design for the Web, Mobile Devices and Virtual Reality), Product Design, Illustration, Art and Photography. The images below give you a little insight into some of my projects.

Visit the Creations tab to see more of my work.

Illustrations, Product Design